ESG Operations, Inc. and Augusta Utilities

In March 2011, Phinizy Center formed a partnership with Augusta Utilities and ESG Operations, Inc. This collaboration facilitates ongoing community education programs, including school field trips, public tours, scout programs, and teacher workshops. Field trip programs have been enhanced to emphasize sustainable urban watershed education and include instruction on how wastewater is treated at the JB Messerly Wastewater Treatment Plant.


CSRA Environmental Science Education Cooperative

Phinizy Center is a member organization of the Environmental Science Education Cooperative of the CSRA (CSRA-ESEC). CSRA-ESEC is composed of federal, state, and private governmental agencies, businesses, and non-profits that are committed to environmental education. The mission of ESEC is to promote the CSRA as the center for excellence in environmental science education and to provide information and access to programs for the community to become more effective environmental stewards through science education, research, technology, and public outreach.