Backyard Herpetology – Help Monitor Reptiles & Amphibians

Volunteer as a citizen scientist and help us monitor reptile and amphibian populations by looking for animals in your backyard.  Reptile and amphibian species around the world are in decline and volunteer monitoring programs can provide researchers with useful information that would be too costly or labor intensive to collect on their own.  We are developing a short, easy-to-do survey to be conducted the first week of each month.  Participants will listen for frog calls for 3 minutes in the evening and identify or record the calls they hear.  If animals are randomly encountered at other times, we also encourage participants to record or take pictures to pass on to us.  If you live in an area where amphibians and reptiles are uncommon, or rarely seen, it is important to collect data documenting those areas.  Our goal is to detect and document the distribution, abundance, and seasonal activity of reptile and amphibian species to learn how they are influenced by land use (agricultural, urban, industrial) and human activity.  Spending time outside searching for animals is also a great way to get kids interested in science.  Learning about the natural world and making observations is a great way to stimulate their curiosity.  Become a citizen scientist by contacting Matt Erickson at

Georgia Adopt-A-Stream and Rivers Alive:

Get involved in protecting 70,150+ miles of Georgia waterways! Citizens all across Georgia are making a difference through being actively involved in Georgia’s volunteer water quality monitoring program and waterway cleanup. It’s as easy as spending a morning at your neighborhood creek picking up garbage or as involved as adopting your own creek site for monthly and quarterly chemical, bacterial, and macroinvertebrate monitoring.

Phinizy Center can help you on your way!

* Become Adopt-A-Stream Certified at Phinizy Swamp Nature Park. Our staff will even help you get started with your own monitoring site.

* Join our October 26, 2014 River’s Alive cleanup as we jump in Butler Creek to remove careless accumulations of trash and debris.

Call 706-796-7707 or email ruth.mead@phinizycenter.orgfor more information.