Phinizy Swamp Campus

Construction of the Phinizy Swamp Campus was completed in 2005. The complex includes a 3,200 square foot K-12 education building with classroom, laboratory, restrooms, and office space; a 2,000 square foot research facility, to focus on aquatic and ecology-based research projects; a 2,240 square foot administration facility to accommodate Academy President, Vice President, administrative staff, and conference room needs; and a 700 square foot visitor center, to accommodate visitor needs. The Phinizy Swamp campus is accessible to school buses and private vehicles via the School Bus Bridge during Academy events, and via the Floodplain Boardwalk during those and all other times. Funds provided by: The Knox Foundation, Fleming & Sandra Norvell, Carolyn & Peter Lynch, and other private donors in memory of Dr. Thomas W. Blanchard; Mr. and Mrs. Clayton P. Boardman, Jr., the Augusta Neighborhood Improvement Corporation, The Robert W. Woodruff Foundation, the City of Augusta, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton P. Boardman III, Mr. and Mrs. Braye C. Boardman, the Gregg-Graniteville Foundation, and the Georgia Department of Education.

Phinizy Swamp Shop & Visitor Center

The Phinizy Swamp Visitor Center officially opened to the public in October 2003. This charming facility is open Saturdays from 10 AM – 5 PM and Sundays from 1 PM – 5 PM. The Visitor Center boasts a breathtaking view of the swamp via a towering wall of windows, and is the place to go to purchase Nature Park merchandise or find answers to your questions.  

Pfizer Pavilion

The Pfizer Pavilion is a covered picnic area that can be enjoyed by all Nature Park visitors. The structure has electricity and nine, eight-foot tables with seating for 60 to 70 people. The Pavilion may be reserved for a donation and a refundable deposit. Reservations are on a first come, first served basis and are subject to availability. Please call the Phinizy office at 706-828-2109 or email  for rates and information on reserving the pavilion. Funds provided by Pfizer.