Field Ornithology: Waterfowl – What to Expect

Join Phinizy Center Education staff and invited field trip leaders as we offer our Field Ornithology: Waterfowl Course, through a 6-week series. Weekly classes will begin at 9am and will run approximately 4 hours. Each class will include a lecture, field study, discussion, and home-reading suggestions. Registration fees include a class notebook with handouts. Binoculars will be available for use during field trips.

The field trip on January 31 will be an all-day trip to the coast from 8am until around 7pm.

The course will focus on our wintering waterfowl, and we will travel to some of the best places to find them in the CSRA. We will also help you develop skills need for quick field identification.

Come be part of an exciting lifetime hobby that you can do just about anywhere!

Participation is limited to 15. Be sure to register early! Registration deadline: January 5, 2018.

Space is limited – register today!

What is Field Ornithology?

Ornithology is a branch of zoology that focuses on the study of birds. Field ornithology takes that observation of birds outdoors:

Bird Watching

Six Week Program
Wednesdays 9:00am – 1:00pm
January 10 – February 14, 2018

(All-day field trip Jan 31)

The Waterfowl Course will focus on:

  • Diving Ducks
  • Dabbling Dugs
  • Mergansers
  • Geese & Swans
  • Loons & Grebes
  • Coots & Gallinules
  • Cormorants & Anhinga
  • Ducks in Flight
  • Principles of Birding Ethics
  • Bird Behavior
  • Ecological Niches
  • Identifying Field Marks
  • And more!