Whether you want to become a Master Naturalist, learn more about wildlife or experience art through nature, Phinizy is the place for you. What will be your next step toward lifelong learning?

Georgia Master NaturalistGeorgia Master Naturalist

This series of classes includes field trips that combine lectures and hands-on learning that serve to connect people with local habitats and help them become engaged environmental stewards.

Begins March each year.

Georgia Master Naturalist 1Forest Communities: Dendrology

Participants will gain a better appreciation for our irreplaceable habitats as we explore tree identification in the field.

This class has already begun.  Please check back latter for dates of new classes!  

Georgia Master Naturalist 2Phinizy is for the Birds: Field Ornithology

Interested in birdwatching? We offer three exciting Field Ornithology classes per year that will enhance your skills needed for quick field identification.

Georgia Master Naturalist 3Reptiles & Amphibians: Herpetology Basics

The course will introduce participants to the cryptic and amazing world of amphibians and reptiles while enhancing skills needed for quick field identification.


Georgia Master Naturalist 4Nature & Art at Phinizy

From photography workshops to plein air painting and nature printing, art and nature together create a unique and rewarding experience.