Education Department Philosophy

The goals of Phinizy’s Education Department are:

  1. To inspire passion for and appreciation of the natural environment.
  2. To provide the knowledge and tools needed to maintain a healthy urban watershed.

Phinizy educators believe these goals are best achieved through active, hands-on learning that engages students and encourages them to search for scientific solutions to environmental problems. Educational research has shown that outdoor education has a unique potential to inspire excitement about learning by providing hands-on field experiences. Learners gain a comprehensive understanding of scientific concepts by investigating, conducting experiments, and observing concepts in action. Phinizy educators believe this approach also helps cultivate interest in careers in science and watershed protection.  Our education programs promote inquiry-based learning, a method that emphasizes problem-solving strategies and the use of critical thinking skills.

Water resource challenges remain a pressing issue in the CSRA and across the United States.  In order to make educated decisions regarding these challenges in the future, it is vital to understand the science behind urban watersheds, wetlands, and their local environment.  A connection to the natural environment cultivated through hands-on learning and active exploration is the catalyst for producing the next generation of informed citizens and environmental scientists.