Dick Dunlap Art Instructor - Plein Air Oil Painting

Artist’s Bio

Dick Dunlap is happily married with children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. He has been working full time in art since he retired in the early 90’s. With five other artists, he ran the Dunlap Studio and Gallery for approximately 10 years. His education includes art studies at UNC and MCG as well as national and local workshops, classes with David Mascaro and an apprenticeship with the late Jim Lyles, a nationally recognized landscape and still life painter. He has been teaching art with at Gertrude Herbert Institute since the mid 90’s. Currently, painting outdoors daily is his major focus.

Artist’s Statement

That an artist should paint what he or she wants to seems self-centered, but a long experience has taught me this is indeed true. My favorite subjects are streams, rapids, rivers, swamps, trees, bushes, fields, rocks, and hills, the wilder the better. Lately farms have crept in, perhaps because they seem to be at one with nature.

Trying to honestly explain this preference is another matter. For whatever reason, these subjects are an endless source of inspiration for me. I never tire of studying their features, moods, and seasons and of trying to get on the canvas what they say. Immersed in the very subject of the painting with all perceptive systems engaged, we outdoor painters attempt as best we can to get the essence on canvas. Thus the plein air painting is an edited human response.

Why bother? Love of the beauty and moods of nature, the sure knowledge that it has enabled us to survive for millions of years, and the disconcerting evidence that we are gradually destroying it seem to be reason enough. Most everyone agrees that we should stop this trend, but few are willing to make the necessary changes. My paintings, to the best of my ability, represent this beautiful natural world. They serve as a reminder of what we have to lose.

Dick Dunlap