Featured Photographer: Jenn Holcomb

YCNightHeron_8291bJenn Holcomb is a nature and wildlife photographer in the CSRA.  An engineer by trade, Jenn finds photography to be a great opportunity to give her creative mind a workout.  With her digital SLR camera, she visits wildlife preservation areas to find and photograph wildlife of all kinds.  She has participated in local photography contests and took second in the wildlife category and third place overall in the 2014 Phinizy Swamp Photography Contest with her photo of a tree frog.  At the end of her outings, she puts together a highlight album and posts it to her flickr page:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/jlyn_nature/sets

Some thoughts from Jenn on wildlife photography:

GreenTreeFrog_1849One of the best things about photography is that it creates a visual log of the things I have seen, some of which I can’t readily identify.  With the photo, I reference books and resources on the internet to help identify the animals I don’t know.  The local Audubon group is a great resource for birds and even odenates (dragonflies & damselflies). Local colleges and agencies with outreach programs are also great resources for information.  I have learned so much about local wildlife since I moved here a few years ago and I have met many great people because of it.

Alligator_7991One of my favorite places to go is Phinizy Swamp.  With its swampland, wetlands, ponds, and forested areas, the variety of habitats maximize what you might see on a day-to-day basis.  I have photographed many critters for the first time there: tricolored heron in flight, black and yellow argiope spiders, cottonmouths and other snakes, armadillos, black-bellied whistling ducks (my favorite), ospreys and egrets fishing, and, of course, alligators.  By no means is that list inclusive.  With every migration season, there are new birds that visit and can be photographed.

If you haven’t been to Phinizy before, I highly recommend you visit.  But be prepared to stay for a while and walk around as the swamp is large.  And always pay attention to your surroundings; there are many things you don’t want to miss, both for your amazement and for your safety.  If you see me out there, feel free to say hi!