Find Phin!

Can you find Phin?  If you can, you could win a $10 gift card to the Swamp Shop!!!

Phin the turtle is out and about at Phinizy Swamp Nature Park with his best friend, Izzy the dragonfly. They are playing a fun game of hide and go seek, and they want you to find them! (Hint: They will not be hiding where they have been photographed.)

How to play:
*  Visit Phinizy Swamp Nature Park and search for Phin and Izzy (Making a post about your search? Use hashtag #FindPhin)
*  If you find them, post your picture with them at the location where they were found on the Phinizy Swamp Nature Park Facebook page with the hashtag #FindPhin so that others will know they have been found (
*  Turn them in to the Swamp Shop or Admin Office to receive your prize!

Have fun!