Damon Mullis


Damon grew up in rural south Georgia where he spent his free time outdoors fishing and exploring local rivers and streams. His time in the great outdoors led to an appreciation of the natural world and a passion for understanding how it works, a quest that led him to Georgia Southern University where he earned Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Biology. His research has focused on how physical and chemical changes in freshwater ecosystems affect their biological communities with projects, including studies on the connectivity between rivers and floodplains, the effects of beaver dams on freshwater invertebrate communities, secondary production of macroinvertebrates, nutrient monitoring, and water quality monitoring in rivers and streams. Before pursuing a career in science, Damon managed small businesses for over 13 years, including 10 years as the President and CEO of a distributing company. When time permits, the Mullis clan, which also includes his wife, daughter, and two rambunctious canines, enjoys boating, fishing, hiking, birding, camping, and just generally being outside.