Kristen Carver


Kristen, a South Carolina native, has a passion for nature and strong determination for learning. These traits led her to join the team at Phinizy Center in early 2019. While at the University of South Carolina, she followed her interests and completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with an emphasis on immunology, herpetology, genetics, and botany. During her undergraduate studies, Kristen developed a love for sharing new information and, coupled with her outgoing personality, a knack for teaching.

As the oldest of 3 sisters and the oldest grandchild of a very large family, Kristen has spent much of her life aiding in her sibling’s educational development and excitement for the wonders of our natural environments, which she happily extends to all students of the park. Kristen brings to Phinizy the enthusiasm, knowledge, and experience of both lab and field work that make our outreach and educational programs a success.