Liam Wolff


An Augusta local, Liam grew up visiting Phinizy Swamp for birding and photography. At the age of eight, he became irrevocably fascinated by birds and soon fell in love with Augusta’s local birding hotspots, especially Phinizy Swamp, Georgia’s most biodiverse inland Important Bird Area (IBA). His enthusiasm for birds and the outdoors led him to pursue a degree in Ecology at Augusta University, where he has worked as a TA in Ecology, Zoology, and Ornithology. Liam joined the research team at Phinizy Center for Water Sciences during his freshman year, where he has helped with research projects, field work, and, most importantly, cleaning lab dishes. Although his specialty is birds, Liam has been involved in many research projects studying mosquitoes, macroinvertebrates, fish, and herpetofauna.