Phinizy Celebrates Pendleton King’s New Waterfall

The waterfall is pictured here with the Phinizy Ornithology class field trip group.

The waterfall is pictured here with the Phinizy Ornithology class field trip group.

Phinizy Center for Water Sciences (Phinizy Center) has been hard at work on a collaborative project with Pendleton King Park made possible through a Wells Fargo / National Fish & Wildlife Foundation grant. Since April of last year, the Phinizy Research Team has spent over 500 hours on the project doing water quality monitoring, groundwater monitoring, soil analysis, and actively participating in the removal of invasive plants.

Now we are celebrating as the ribbon was cut for the newly created waterfall.

This is all part of a process which will not only beautify the park but will also result in greatly improved water quality for the Lake Elizabeth pond. The next phase of the project will be focused on the restoration of a small historical wetland that will ultimately filter excess nutrients resulting from urban runoff; the filtered water will then be pumped back into the lake via the waterfall. Better water quality will protect the area wildlife for years to come. Wetlands are important for providing a diverse wildlife habitat, preventing soil erosion, purifying water, helping with flood control and more.

This follows a successful similar project where Phinizy Center created a design for wetlands and waterfalls at North Augusta’s Brick Pond Park. Both projects provide scenic places for the public to enjoy while functioning as natural ways to increase water quality, protect wildlife and improve and protect our way of life.

Phinizy Center is proud to contribute to our local treasures.

You can read more about the the ribbon cutting here:

The new waterfall is pictured here with the Phinizy Ornithology group who recently took a field trip to Pendleton King Park.