Press Release – New Name, Same Mission

Southeastern Natural Sciences Academy Changes Name to

Phinizy Center for Water Sciences

New Name – Same Mission

Phinizy Center for Water Sciences (Phinizy Center), formerly known as Southeastern Natural Sciences Academy, was founded in 1996 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in response to a critical need in the community for leadership in natural resources management and environmental education. Since its initial work began, Phinizy Center has strived to provide both education and research without bias or agenda that allows regulators, industries and community members to learn about and then make wise informed decisions regarding water use and quality.

Phinizy Center for Water Sciences is excited to announce its new name to the community. This new name encompasses dedication to the mission of using unbiased science to find solutions for water quality issues and providing water-based environmental education. While the Center’s work monitoring rivers has expanded beyond the local area to include multiple areas in the southeast, the local association with the Phinizy Swamp Nature Park in Augusta, home base of the program, is of great importance to its identity.

Phinizy Center will continue to build on its mission. In addition to the new name, the logo has also changed. However, the iconic dragonfly that so many associate with Phinizy Swamp Nature Park remains the key feature. A river has been added to the logo to reflect the scope of the Center’s work. Finally, Phinizy Center is committed to offering more ways for the public to become more informed and directly involved in its work. Opportunities are listed on the new website at Check it out to see the exciting things that are happening and how you can be part of it!


Clean Water. A healthy environment. Economic prosperity. Community well-being. At Phinizy Center for Water Sciences, we know that these things are important to everyone, and these are the driving forces behind what we do. Beginning with the care-taking of Phinizy Swamp Nature Park, we then expand our reach throughout the Southeast. Through unbiased research without agenda, to award winning education and recreation, we are working to create a better future.