Research Philosophy

Our philosophy of research is to comprehensively study water resources within southeast river basins.  Our research is conducted without agenda or bias, with the intent to gain full understanding of what impacts our water quality and quantity, and to then develop solutions to minimize those impacts. The objective, scientific data and analysis, provides the basis upon which informed decisions can be made by communities, corporate entities and cities as well as state and federal regulators regarding water quality and quantity. 

The Center’s research uses basic and applied science, and our approach aims to find the necessary balance between a healthy river ecology and a vital economy.

River basin ecology, restoration ecology, and water quality are the primary areas in which our researchers focus their efforts to maintain that balance. River basin ecology research includes projects pertaining to watersheds, rivers, floodplains, streams, and wetlands. Restoration ecology research includes projects pertaining to urban impact restoration, mine rehabilitation, reforestation, wetland creation, and low-impact development. Water quality projects include constructed wetland development and assessing the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of southeastern rivers and their effluents.